Densbay Consultancy

Your Dependable Management Partners
At Densbay we offer management consultancy services which are knowledge- based with a commitment to delivering excellent results in Human Capital and General Business Operations Management

HR Consulting and HRMS setup

Expert guidance for establishing efficient HR systems.

Labour Compliance Auditing

We carry out Labor practice audits and assist organizations to align their HR practices with legal requirements.

Company Policy formulation

Developing comprehensive policies that align with legal requirements as well as enabling a suitable Company Culture.

Payroll Management

Accurate salary calculations, deductions, and on-time disbursements.

We are dedicated to quality consulting work, training and excellence.

We support organizations in developing effective management systems, operational excellence and reduction of waste in their processes through people development programs.

Exceeding expectations through exceptional service.

Ethical, transparent interactions always.

Adapting to changing needs.

Embracing growth, continuous improvement.

Striving for exceptional quality.

Reliable, unwavering support.

 Fostering creativity and forward-thinking solutions.

Encouraging teamwork for collective success.

Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Phone: +254790359285